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Archives for January 2018

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Saving Believers Especially

  1 Timothy 4:10 says something we don’t expect.  “God is the savior of all men.”  All of them.  That is a big statement, and one not readily accepted.  In a world so full of suffering, most people shake their fist at God because they know he could do something yet he seems unconcerned.  But in actuality he has done somethin...

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The Freedom of Self-forgetfulness

  Book Review: The Freedom of Self-forgetfulness I recently read the short and easy-to-read book The Freedom of Self-forgetfulness by Timothy Keller.  Not only is it short, it is also only $2 on Amazon Kindle at the time of this writing.  I loved this little work and plan on having copies on hand to give away.  It is a glorious remedy to a perpetual p...

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