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Another Argument for the Total Lordship of Christ

    A couple of weeks ago, I addressed an understandable challenge to preaching the Lordship of Christ in a person’s life.  This challenge said that if a person cannot know everything that Christ will call him to in the future, such as sin to forsake or life decisions to make, then demanding Christ’s Lordship is too demanding.  You can rea...

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Free from Righteousness

    I have been in Romans chapter 6 for a while and a certain verse caught my attention.  Romans 6:20 For when you were slaves of sin, you were free in regard to righteousness. “Free in regard to righteousness”.  Really?  Is this an exaggeration? One of the impossible issues for most unbelievers to accept is the assertion of the co...

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Do Miracles Happen Today?

    The knee-jerk answer to that question by most Christians is “Well, of course.”  But in order to be Christians who do not lean on their own understanding, and do not lean on knee-jerk answers, we have to do more.  The fear of the Lord calls his people to test everything by the Word of the Lord, because the Word has the final say on what...

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Why Secularism Failed to Deliver More Tolerance

  Many people are beginning to recognize division and intolerance are everywhere, and they are only getting stronger and more hostile. College campuses have to deal with violent rioting over speakers with certain viewpoints while at the same time creating “safe spaces” for students threatened by opposing ideas. Is this the legacy of progressivism: fight o...

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Is Endurance and Assurance Incompatible?

  Several weeks ago our church was looking at a verse of Scripture which seems to unsettle, if not all out destroy, the concept of assurance. Jesus says in Matthew 10:22 “but it is the one who has endured to the end who will be saved.” The question of incompatibility goes like this: “How could assurance of eternal life ever be possible if endurance...

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Why Saying “Some Catholics Are Saved” is Foolish and Problematic

  Over the years, I have regularly heard this comment in evangelical circles, “It is possible for a Catholic to be saved.” Now, I understand that context matters. If the comment was made during the heavy exchange of a thoroughly biblical dialog, with two people grappling over the precise doctrines of conversion, such a comment would not be too much of a c...

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The Letter and the Spirit: A False Dichotomy

  It is not unusual to hear someone speak about the letter of the law and the spirit of the law. Here is one memorable example from my past. I climbed into a friend’s old jeep and buckled in. As I clicked in the seatbelt, I noticed that three fourths of the seatbelt was torn just above the buckle. I mentioned that I was buckled in but I wasn’t sure it wou...

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The Gospel According To The Video Recorder

  Why didn’t God have the video recorder invented before the time of Christ so that we all could see the life of Christ and not just read about it? Before I attempt an answer, let me set the stage for the question. As I preach through the gospel of Matthew, we have begun to watch Jesus in action. In chapter 4, Matthew presents Jesus as the King who steps onto ...

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Scripture Or Direct Speaking: Where Is A Deeper Relationship Found?

  Last week I preached a message on what it means “to have a relationship with God.” While we hear that phrase frequently, it really is a stunning thought. My message was from Psalm 21 and it dealt primarily with how God maintains His relationship with us. What I didn’t deal with was the whole idea of communication. Communication stands at the heart...

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