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Unplanned : A Movie Review

Last week the movie Unplanned opened in theatres and I went to see it with a number of others. I am no movie critic, but I wanted to offer some thoughts about this film as you consider seeing it. First, I am glad this film was made. Abortion is a stain on the conscience of America like none other. It is the vilest atrocity our country as ever witnessed. We regularly...

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Strange But Not Weird?

Freak. Extremist. Religious Nut. If you have been a Christian long enough you have heard the names the unbelieving world gives to believers. The problem is, sometimes you kind of agree. There are people that get themselves situated on a street corner with signs and beards and materials that make us cringe. Is that weird or is that the kind of "strange" the Bible says...

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Can I Kill This? Using the S.L.E.D. Argument

Can I kill this? How do you answer such a question? Scott Klusendorf, a wonderfully skilled anti-abortion apologist, rightly points out that you have to ask another question. That question is: What is it you want to kill? A roach: Yes, kill it now. A wild Turkey: Yes, but only during turkey season. A Bald Eagle: No, it is legally protected. A human baby: ????????...

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Less is More: Challenges to LGBT+ Embrace

To the dismay of the LGBT community, keyboards only have 26 letters. But if divine authority won't hold you back, neither will a 26 letter keyboard. The solution is the + key. The + key is the ticket to so-called personal fulfillment and you being you. The problem with this is that chaos always comes back on itself. Contradictions cut the knees out from an argumen...

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A Memorable Way to Deal with the Fire of Pornography

Pornography is an epidemic and we had better get really good at addressing it and helping people kill this dragon. To that end I want to give you what I think is a tremendous way to think about a framework of help. This memorable method will help you tackle the problem immediately. This memory device revolves around fire. Let me explain. The Three Parts of Fire and ...

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Culture, Worship, and my Trip to Haiti

Many of you came to the presentation I gave Sunday night about my trip to Haiti. I hope you were encouraged by the ministry happening in Haiti and how Open Door Fellowship got to be a small part of that. But I am sure there were many questions raised about the nature of church life at Bethsaida Evangelical church in Haiti in comparison with our own church life. I am sur...

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The Nashville Statement and the Nature of love

Last week the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, in conjunction with many other leading biblical evangelicals, released a document called the Nashville statement. This statement upheld the historic Christian position on the biblical teaching of human sexuality and marriage. You can read it here. This statement, composed of a preamble, 14 affirm/deny articles, and...

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A LGBT slogan goes to the Science Scrapheap

The ubiquitous LGBT mantra "Born that way" is finally getting dumped in the landfill of scientific fiction. Bible teachers have been trying to do that for years, and the sexual revolution is now doing it for us. What has caused the reversal? Think of it like this. Bikes are wonderful vehicles. But do you know what bicycles are terrible at? They make for terrible tow-tru...

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Talking to our Kids about Winning, Losing, and the Goal of Sports

Someone has said that one of the most difficult things in sports is using a rounded bat to hit a round ball coming at you at a high rate of speed. This may be true, but a far harder thing is teaching your kids to think rightly about sports. Our family is just beginning to enter into the world of kids and sports, and already we are asking the question of how to talk about...

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Why Secularism Failed to Deliver More Tolerance

Many people are beginning to recognize division and intolerance are everywhere, and they are only getting stronger and more hostile. College campuses have to deal with violent rioting over speakers with certain viewpoints while at the same time creating "safe spaces" for students threatened by opposing ideas. Is this the legacy of progressivism: fight or flight? Apparent...

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Beauty… and the Beast of Normalized Sin

The moral revolution continues to speed along with these two commitments: "leave-no-stone-unturned" and "take-no-prisoners." The latest example is the highly anticipated live-action movie Beauty and the Beast. The entertainment industry surrendered to this moral revolution long ago. But the newest twist is Hollywood's offering of a beloved children's story on the altar o...

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Your belief that “Character Matters” will now be tested

As the election draws near to voting day we keep learning more and more about the candidates. The more we know, the more we wish we didn't know. Sadly, we are not surprised by any of it. Every new revelation fits into what we already knew, just like slime fits onto whatever it covers. The real question that confronts the evangelical voter is this, "Does character really...

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You Will Know Them By Their Votes

When Jesus spoke those penetrating words in Matt 7:20, "you will know them by their fruits" he clearly was speaking about the outworking's of a person's whole life. But a part of our lives as Americans is that we get to vote. This means our voting is necessarily one of the fruits of our lives, by which our profession of faith will either be supported or refuted. Christi...

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Abortion and Infant-personhood

I don't know where the term "cop-out" came from, but I know what it means. It means you will not face the truth. You cling to flimsy reasoning because the solid ground of logic is too unmoving and firm. You leave before the cross-examination can be pressed into you. It means you are a coward. That is what I thought when I read this article entitled Why Science Can't Say...

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Give Your Brain A Chance

There is a short story called Harrison Bergeron that I remember reading in high school. The plot is set in future America where there is total equality in every area of existence. Beautiful people must wear ugly masks, strong people must be weighed down by weights, and intelligent people must wear ear pieces that blast sounds in order to break their concentration. This ...

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When Anger is Right and Needful

This post is a portion from an "Ask Pastor John" podcast where John Piper speaks to the issue of righteous, godly anger. In a previous blog that you can read here, I tried to think through the dangers of anger and how to manage it. To bring in more balance, this list from Piper is exceptionally insightful about the place that godly anger should have in our lives. We are ...

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News Sources and the Informed Christian

I was pleased the other day when Albert Mohler finished his summer break and returned to his daily podcast called The Briefing. The Briefing is an analysis of news and culture from a biblical worldview. At the end of this blog I will list a few other great sources for news that you might consider. But first, let's think about news and how we are informed. You can't beli...

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Is Interstellar Life Bad News For God?

NASA held a press conference last week reporting the exciting discovery of the earthlike planet called Kepler-452b. But is this discovery exciting for the church? Are we one step closer to closing the church doors because life is found on another planet? Is this bad news for God? Jeff Schweitzer at Huffington Post says this is absolutely bad news for God and you can read...

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This week's blog post is a transcript of Albert Mohler's weekend edition of The Briefing, a daily analysis of current news and events from a Christian worldview. This particular question and answer is very pressing and very insightful. The Briefing Ask Anything Weekend 4-4-2015 Albert Mohler Question: As Christians we affirm the Bible is our standard for morality an...

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Cute Bunnies, Jolly Santa, and Horrid Syncretism

It happens every time we come to Christmas and Easter. Someone somewhere waves a large red flag of warning over our celebrations. Their argument is that buried in the holiday is a connection to paganism. Is this true? Do we need to jettison these celebrations, or radically alter them? Are there dangers lurking in what we do? These are valid questions. We shouldn't shy a...

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Your Christmas Needs More Easter

If you have been to any birthday parties for 4 year olds lately, you know what I am about to tell you. When the piata comes out, there are two dominate mindsets. First is the parent's. This mindset is driven by visions of some boy swinging for the fences only to connect with the pigtails of some sweet, unsuspecting party-goer. The main thing the parents want is for that ...

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Reflections Following My Conversation With An Abortion Provider

Below is a blog by Pastor Scott Sauls. This is one of the best articles that I have read on the pro-life/pro-choice controversy. This article will leave you no place to hide. Whatever side you take, you will find that your own sin has warped what kingdom living calls for. May the gospel transform our approach so that we can have the "true religion" of James 1:27. Pastor...

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26 Ways to “Provoke the 1 Peter 3:15 Question” at Work

This blog post was too good to pass up. If you are not doing several of these at work, you need to do some heart probing to find out why. Posted by Pastor J.D. Greer on August 10, 2014 I mentioned in this weekend's sermon that the Apostle Paul lived in such a way that he provoked a question. Peter said it this way: "In your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always ...

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People are really good at making the Bible say what they want it to say. There are lots of factors that contribute to this. Not the least of which is a widespread and growing ignorance of what is actually in the Bible. People simply haven't read enough of the Bible to know that what they think it says is absent from and/or refuted by scripture. One area that seems to fi...

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Self-esteem Will Dismantle Your Love

The right tool for the right job; that's the professional's mode of operation. Even in the area of demolition, If you are going to do it effectively, you need the right tools. So today I am asking, what would be a good tool for dismantling someone's effectiveness for Christ. There are plenty of options, but one less noticed is self-esteem. Your self-esteem is killing you...

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