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Grease for the Wheels of Prayer, pt. 5

    I have discovered the answer to an age old question that many have wrestled with in vain.  The question is this: if you had three wishes from a genie in a bottle what would you wish for?  Many have tried the approach of “I would ask for infinite wishes”, but as we learned in Aladdin, that contingency has been covered by Genie protocol....

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Grease for the Wheels of Prayer, Pt. 4

    Prioritization.  I put that word first because, well…you know.  Prioritization is one of those things that we all know we need to do, but we don’t because, ironically, it is not a priority.  It is just easier to do what is easy (how is that for an earth-shaking observation?).   The need, and the difficulty, of prioritiz...

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Grease for the Wheels of Prayer, Part 3

    “Never has a man spoken the way this man speaks.”  This was the stunned assertion of the guards in John 7:46, who were supposed to arrest Jesus, but they just couldn’t bring themselves to do it.  Jesus was too unique, too powerful, too “otherly.”  Jesus’ words on prayer are like this as well.  The ins...

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Grease For the Wheels of Prayer, part 2

  In the last post about prayer, we looked at a few short passages about the incredible power prayer unleashes.  Prayer gets things happening whether we see it or not.  Perhaps the only thing more exciting is to be incessantly told to use it incessantly. This feels almost too good to be true.  I can easily imagine being told never to use a tool of imme...

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Grease for the wheels of Prayer, Part 1

  Nitty-Gritty.  You have probably used that term before.  It refers to the small details of life where real difficulty is found and real work has to be done.  Nit and grit are things that have to be dealt with, but you only get to it when you are elbows deep in a project.  The shiny exterior of the project is no longer in view.  All you can ...

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A Test For Self-Deception

  “Yesterday in Baltimore, something didn’t happen, despite convincing accounts that it did.” This is the opening line of a NPR story about a non-shooting in Baltimore. There was an incident where multiple people described police shooting a man who was running away from them. While their testimony was passionate and spoken with a degree of certainty...

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