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Climbing a Rope of Sand

This question, "Where is God's justice?" is a frequent go-to question for the village atheist or the run-of-the-mill, God-ignoring neighbor. It is one version of asking about the problem of evil. It is also asked like this, "If God is so good and so powerful, why isn't he dealing with all the evil in the world?" There are plenty of ways to answer to this question, but...

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Do Miracles Happen Today?

The knee-jerk answer to that question by most Christians is "Well, of course." But in order to be Christians who do not lean on their own understanding, and do not lean on knee-jerk answers, we have to do more. The fear of the Lord calls his people to test everything by the Word of the Lord, because the Word has the final say on what we teach, and how we are corrected ...

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